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Why Energized Real Estate?

You don't want to buy, sell or improve your home without talking to us first.TM

You Want Every Advantage You Can get when Buying or Selling a Home

We collect millions of records of data to help our home seller and buyer clients understand what they need to do to sell faster and for more money (seller) or be more efficient and negotiate better (buyer). Empowering yourself with the right information truly does give you a competitive advantage. Our proprietary RealTelligenceTM system does that.


You want to be Confident in your Decision Making Process

Buying and selling a home is emotional, important and scary. Our process helps you make decisions with certainty. "Should I negotiate harder?" "Should I spend money on certain improvements?" "Are my expectations too high/low?" Our process and information is focused on proving you are making the right decisions. When you have this kind of confidence, you will be so much more relieved during a time when you are making one of the biggest financial decisions you will make.



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