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We are real estate advisors that help you capitalize on powerful data so that you can make better decisions and increase your likelihood of success.

We believe that in order to have the most successful real estate transaction possible, buyers and sellers must capitalize on market data better than their competition. Ultimately, if you want to be successful, then "you don't want to buy, sell or improve your home without talking to us first.TM"

No one else provides this kind of service.

We believe, and are proving, that our patent-pending approach and RealTelligenceTM system will increase your likelihood of success and provide an unbelievable amount of confidence throughout the process. You will gain confidence in how to correctly prepare and price your home for the market if you are selling, or identify the right neighborhood and negotiate if you are buying.

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"Always PROVE your value."


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Building Mom

"I think I'll check the weather."

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"Data and real estate go hand and hand."


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Customer Support

"Organize, organize, organize!"

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